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Why Choose Us to Rebuild Your Hurst Shifter

Why choose us to rebuild your Hurst Shifter?

A few words about HURST Shifter Rebuilds and what makes different from many shifter rebuilders, and why thousands of customers rely on us to Restore and Rebuild their HURST Shifters, and why we are the Official Hurst Shifter Rebuilder recommended by Hurst Shifters.

Here is a link to our shifter rebuild program if you choose to use our expert services...Hurst Shifter Rebuild Program

Many people ask the question "How to rebuild a Hurst Shifter"? You will find many answers searching the internet, but please be aware of a few things before you attempt to rebuild a Hurst Shifter. If you find a shifter re-builder, or magazine article or book, or a YouTube video that  states any of the following:
Replace worn parts as needed....
    translates to this:   I went the cheap route and reused / dressed up  30 year old parts.  IF a HURST shifter needs rebuilding, it needs all new parts, period! We replace every single internal component with new genuine HURST components-
Compare to getting your engine rebuilt-  would you trust a re-builder who reuses worn bearings?... worn rings?.. worn valve springs?... because they look OK? Function is the key, not "looks"!

Do not take the internal carrier apart....
    translates to this:  It is too hard to take apart, and without the proper tools it is too hard to put back together.  IF a HURST shifter needs rebuilding, then it needs all new parts. The components in the carrier that others state to leave alone are the critical components to replace! The reverse detent spring controls the reverse function, the handle carrier spring controls the firmness of the neutral gate, the main pin and its 2 roll pins control the actual gear selection from the handle, as well as compresses the reverse plunger for proper reverse engage and protection from accidental engagement.  We replace every single internal part, not just ones we can reach easily, we do not re-use any internal component, all are replaced.
Compare to having a tune up- would you trust a repair shop who states (or worse yet, doesn't tell you) we can only reach 6 of the 8 spark plus easily, so we will replace those 6, and we are sure the other 2 are just fine, they are too hard to get to......... or compare to having your heads rebuilt but not changing the valve springs? or valve seals?  Wonder why the engine will not rev, or that shifter does not have a crisp / smooth shift?

These parts look good to us, so we reused them...
    Translates to this:  We did not have the proper new parts, and rather than spend the money for genuine HURST components, we cleaned them up and reused the old ones.....or we found cheaper ones that look just like HURST parts (But are not Genuine HURST, and may be the wrong material, the wrong specification, the wrong dimensions)......and may wear out in a year or so, but they look good. 

You need to pay me up front, if you expect me to do the job...
    Translates to this:   I need the money to cover other bills, so hopefully I can still buy all the parts I need to do your job PROPERLY and use all new parts if I can afford to, if not, I'll get away with cutting corners, the customer will never know....and I know I stated 2 to 3 weeks, but if I run short of funds I may drag it on..and on...and on....

I am sure I can figure this out and rebuild it...
    Translates to this-  No, I am not a professional shifter re-builder, I have had one or two in my hands over the years, after all, how hard 
can it be to do? I am sure I can find info on the "net" and should be able to patch this thing up. (note: we have yet to find any real , thorough, correct info on COMPLETELY rebuilding a HURST 4 Speed shifter CORRECTLY using all new components as should be done).

IF any of the above has come out of the mouth of  a "re-builder" you are considering giving your valuable HURST shifter to to rebuild? as fast as you can in the other direction with your HURST shifter.....there are several good re-builders out there, who actually use genuine HURST components and know what they are doing. We would be happy to state to you if you call and ask if a specific re-builder is trustworthy or not, and our experience with them.

We have purchased "rebuilt" shifters from over 25 businesses who advertise on eBay, the WEB, and magazines and claim to be expert / professional HURST shifter re-builders. We have inspected, dissected, checked their work, checked what components they replaced and if are genuine HURST or not, checked the specs of the components, etc-. Only 2 of them had done  a thorough, proper rebuild, replacing all components with genuine HURST components. 

Here are several reasons to trust us to rebuild your HURST shifter:

  • We use ONLY genuine HURST components, and replace every single component during our rebuilds, and customer receives all their old parts back.
  • We know the specs of each component, check every steel component (housing, spacer, levers, internal carrier, handle receiver)  for stress cracks, excessive wear and will NOT reuse if out of spec or damaged. We have a supply of NEW genuine HURST components (extra cost on top of the standard rebuild prices, quoted as needed) for all Comp Plus Shifters if hard parts need replacing. (you receive your old parts back).
  • We quote the job before we do it, so there are no surprises.  You receive a final exact quote before we start the rebuild, and a time frame for completion.  You only pay us AFTER the job is done and ready to ship back to you.
  • We, on average, (re)re-build 75 to 100 shifters a year that have been supposedly re-built by an other professional. We on average  build / re-build over 1,000 shifters a year at our shop. We restore over 150 OEM HURST 4 Speed shifters a year for Classic cars. We fix shifters that others have messed up or assembled in-correctly, we fix shifters that customers are honest enough to know when they are in over their heads. 
  • We are the official 3rd party restoration shop and re-builder for Hurst Shifters.  Note: 3rd party meaning HURST sold this division to us in 2010 and we are independent of HURST' parent company. ShifterDoc is not affiliated with Hurst or the Hurst Brand or Holley Performance in any way.
  • We have rebuilt and restored HURST shifters for everything from $3,000 daily drivers, to cars that sold for over $1,000,000....and everything in between...trucks, school buses, classic cars, specialty applications, and race cars, anything with a HURST shifter.  NOTE: On some applications, we no longer have the components to rebuild nor restore, namely the Lightnin Rod shifters...sorry.
  • We include a 1 year written mechanical warranty on all our rebuilds and restorations. 
  • We stock many, many NEW long discontinued 4 Speed shifters, kits, components, etc. We have over 600 discontinued 4 Speed Install kits in stock, and over 200 discontinued 4 Speed Comp Plus Shifters with components to build hundreds more! Many are still built by HURST manufacturing in California exclusively for us. We also stock individual components for each of them.
  • We stock enough components at any given time to service and build over 1,000 shifters, so we do not run out of parts.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not telling you that you have to use our services. As stated there are several great re-builders out there and they will do just as good a job for you as we would if you prefer to use one of them. We are only pointing out the differences and why you might want to consider using our services.

NOTE: On OEM HURST shifters that have components that are not re-usable, we do have a good supply of used OEM HURST Shifters and replacement components in stock for most every year, most every OEM COMP PLUS, so in the rare case you need a component you will get the exact model and year as your original, and get your original parts back in these cases. 

NOTE:  About components made in China.   HURST uses and has used Chinese suppliers since the 1980's. Many components are made in China, as they have been for decades and Many HURST components are made in the USA as well.  If you use a mobile device of any type.. Apple, Samsung, etc., they are also made in China... they do know how to make things very well. Any genuine HURST component made in China has to pass Quality Control here in the USA before usage. Conversely, NON genuine Hurst components that are made in the USA are not necessarily good quality just because they are made in the USA. If not to proper specs, wrong material, etc, your shifter will not function properly and may wear out prematurely, needing another rebuild way before its time.

Here is a link to our shifter rebuild program if you choose to use our expert services...Hurst Shifter Rebuild Program